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an eye for an eye

by feat x audi bamer



A yo I'm dead – like pandas on steroids & tigers bred for slaughter – cause there's nothing to bother – as long as the customer pays for his order & the dollar is beating the quarter – another day filled with blissful relapses collected on a tape recorder – frozen images of disorder – thrown into endless depths of computer folders – yeah I'm gettin older – faith is lost & regained, the thoughts of a soldier – can't think of a time when I was much bolder – can't think of a line that sounds much colder – can't forget the feeling of u resting ur head on my shoulder – amazing how easily things are lost under a certain exposure – cause some images get distorted when u get closer – & in between the snap shots & secondhand poster posers – with chai latte and yoga poses – U be passively egressive like toy-soldiers with empty holsters – & I be a waste of time like video games and roller-coasters – & one day I'm gonna make it to the top of this tower & shout down: “ I love U” at the eleventh hour – and on the next I'm still gonna climb this mountain just to show them, I'm still shouting – A yo drank a bucket of water but drowned in a fountain – pissed & hammered plus without any housing – teared & feathered but still undoubting – u say my days are numbered but I'm still counting – u say my days are numbered but I'm still counting – u say my days are numbered but I'm still counting – maybe not a wolf but still howling

a tooth for a tooth – an eye for an eye – it goes

A yo sitting at the edge of the cliff – found myself wondering about the what ifs – lost in angles and perspectives – loosing control of my senses – it's not how u've been treated it's more like how u've been received – skip the order of the sequence & be the last one to bleed – I beat the finger pointing hand into a face full of greed – & meet bullshit talking motherfuckers at the end of their defeat – see I need my peace – see I need the distance to breath – see I'm not impressed by what u praise. we're not alike – I wish it would b different but there's not much left insight to fight – I just wanna go back to feeling alive – dive into the light & don't be controlled by the lies that u call ur life – so lets F the spirits of hindsight – & dance in the limelight – till we fall out of the timeline & light up the night sky like dynamite – despite walking a fine line of U and I – I mean a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye

a tooth for a tooth – an eye for an eye – it goes

I'm gonna dig deeper into this mess – just to get some of this clatter of my chest – I'm gonna swim thru all lakes & dive into the sea – just to let ya all know that I love this shit more than ya'll be able to see – and when it's all said & done, I'm gonna wear a smile on my face – for I did what I love till the end of days – man I'm maybe chasing fools gold in a maze – but not for all the gold in the world would I be trading this place – no ur wrong I haven't changed – I'm still the same – cloud over the head, a heart full of sunshine tryin' to bring u shelter from the rain – practically sane – the bragging of the savage brain covers any shame – except when I shouldered ur blame – the water can't love the flame – they're counterparts - U know enemies by design – I mean a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye

a tooth for a tooth – an eye for an eye


released November 16, 2018
lyrics by feat
beat, mix & master by audi bamer


all rights reserved



Audi Bamer | Karl Beatknecht Germany


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